Topics & Keynote Speakers

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Professor Mathias Uhlén, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden:

“The Human Secretome Project – generation of all human secreted proteins in mammalian cell cultures”

Professor Peter Zandstra, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada:

“Bottom-up and top-down engineering of stem cells fate for discovery and therapy”



1. Cell Engineering, novel technologies and the use of omics

New designed animal cell lines, genetic engineering, metabolic engineering for desired process performance, mode of action and product quality


2. Use of viral- and non-viral vectors for generating new therapeutic products and vaccines

Cell-based vaccines, gene therapy, oncolytic viruses, delivery technologies, industrialization and scale-up


3. Development of cell based technologies and therapeutics

Cellular engineering, scale-up methods, personalized medicine, stem cell therapy, immunotherapeutic approaches, CAR-T.


4. Cell culture process controls and analytics

Novel analytical methods, on-line monitoring tools, PAT, data feedback loops, real-time release


5. Cell culture process engineering, product quality and integration with downstream processing

Media and feed strategies, fedbatch/continuous/perfusion strategies, continuous processing, process-controlled product quality


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