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Guidelines for Abstract Submission




The guidelines can also be downloaded here.

1. Important dates & Deadlines
Submission start: 1 October 2018
Submission deadline: 10 January 2019, midnight CET
Notifications to submitters: End-February 2019

2. Technical Information
Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or higher are required. JavaScripts and cookies need to be enabled in your browser.

3. General
Abstracts can only be submitted online via the abstract submission form here on the official ESACT 2019 meeting website.

4. Publications
On the ESACT 2019 meeting website



Abstracts of 2.000 printable characters including title, mandatory abstract content and spaces should be submitted via the online submission form and should follow the instructions provided here, particularly for the appropriate content. The abstracts should include both the significance of the research as well as the results that will be discussed. This will facilitate the scientific assessment of the work by the reviewers assigned by the Scientific Committee. Abstracts containing limited details will not be accepted. Successfully submitted abstracts will be acknowledged with an electronic receipt. Note that the abstract evaluation will be blind: information about the author and affiliation will not be communicated to the reviewers.

  • The abstract needs to be structured as follows:
    -Background and novelty (mandatory)
    -Experimental approach (mandatory)
    -Results and discussion (mandatory)
    -Acknowledgements & Funding (optional)
    -References (optional)


  • The creation of a user account is required for the submission of an abstract. The account only needs to be created once and can be re-used for future abstract submission and registration to the conference.
  • Abstracts can be saved in “Draft status” to be re-edited and modified until the submission deadline (10 January 2019, midnight CET). Abstracts cannot be edited after the submission deadline.
  • Abstracts fulfilling all criteria can be saved in “Final submission” status. Only abstracts in “Final submission” status will be considered for the ESACT 2019 meeting.
  • The submitter has to select the right topic for the abstract on the submission form. Available topics are described in detail here: Link to extended session descriptions to be inserted and listed below:
  • The submitter has to select the right topic for the abstract on the submission form. Available topics are described in detail here and listed below:

Topic 1: Cell Engineering, novel technologies and the use of omics
New designed animal cell lines, genetic engineering, metabolic engineering for desired process performance, mode of action and product quality

Topic 2: Use of viral- and non-viral vectors for generating new therapeutic products and vaccines
Cell-based vaccines, gene therapy, oncolytic viruses, delivery technologies, industrialization and scale-up

Topic 3: Development of cell based technologies and therapeutics
Cellular engineering, scale-up methods, personalized medicine, stem cell therapy, immunotherapeutic approaches, CAR-T.

Topic 4: Cell culture process controls and analytics
Novel analytical methods, on-line monitoring tools, PAT, data feedback loops, real-time release

Topic 5: Cell culture process engineering, product quality and integration with downstream processing
Media and feed strategies, fedbatch/continuous/perfusion strategies, continuous processing, process-controlled product quality



  • Abstracts will be accepted either as poster or oral presentation (please indicate your preference).
  • The ESACT 2019 Scientific Committee will review all submitted abstracts and determine whether they are accepted for oral or poster presentation.
  • If your abstract is accepted as a poster, you will be requested to be available for discussion during the corresponding poster session.
  • The instructions for poster format will be provided later.



  • The Presenting Author of the abstract selected for presentation must be registered at the Meeting
  • Abbreviations should be defined
  • Please ensure your abstract does not contain spelling, grammar, or scientific mistakes, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted. Linguistic accuracy is your responsibility. No proof reading will be done
  • No changes can be made to the abstract after the submission deadline 10 January 2019, midnight CET
  • Submitting authors will be notified by end of February 2019 whether her/his abstract has been accepted, and at the same time be informed about the date, time and form of the accepted presentation. All notifications will be sent out to the e-mail address given on the submission form.
  • If you want to withdraw your abstract, a written statement reflecting the reasons for this decision must be sent to the ESACT 2019 Secretary ( no later than 1 February 2018.



ESACT strives to promote animal cell culture technology research and related academic studies and is determined to encourage and facilitate the participation of students and postdoctoral researchers in the 2019 ESACT Meeting. In this context, ESACT is offering student bursaries that cover registration fees, accommodation in hotels to be assigned by the organizer and assistance with travel expenses.

Conditions for award of a bursary:
• The applicant must be a presenting first author of an abstract accepted as an oral or poster presentation
• The applicant must be a PhD student (proof of affiliation will be required) or a non-industrial postdoctoral researcher in the first three years of research following completion of the PhD degree (copy of PhD diploma/certificate will be required)
• The work presented in the abstract will be judged by the Scientific Committee and must be of high quality.
• In case the number of applicants fulfilling the basic criteria exceeds the available funds, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to rank according to scientific quality and relevance of the work to animal cell technology
• There are no geographical, age or other restrictions beyond what is described above

Interested applicants must submit their abstract via the online submission system and send a bursary request to together with their CV and proof of their status.

Deadline for bursary applications is December 14th, 2018. Applicants will be notified on grant award by end of February 2019.




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